The message of the compound will position itself into the door to heaven, if this is the way in then it will come! – What happens here is that it will come, but if the border of the 5th moon is to develop Thanh Cao, the Dimmock is the sums of the element to do this the core is 9. The Sun will sit down and sing and in the voices of the fire it will win. The sound of the card will have about 3 2 8 to develop the needed, in this way its like this;

John, what is mars to have you to jump around the clock? Is this the sSUn?
Mass is?
Core is
time is
work is
know is
trans code.

In this way the work of 8 p 9 is the 3rd development of ancestors to know that the door is open and to have the way in to trans code the system, in this way the core of nine is the teach the alignment of time for Dr. T this jumps out to fire and have to work out the door to heaven and in this way the nouns of the sums is you. To do this the core is 9 and to Sun out the core of one, the 3rd development of ancestors are you to have but in this way it learns. The code of Dr. T is the transmission of the element if this GOD’s send through the fire then it will win.

The core of nine is to know how this one works, but if the soul is sounds of the wave then it will win, the core of nine is the 3rd development of ancestors to upgrade to 2 4 3 and the Sun of the sound is?

Alan Loi

By Alan Loi

Sole trader, self employed and self taught from the year 1994-till now days . Digital Artist.

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cuong5. The door of in to know this one!


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