The work of area 1 in this way Thanh the core is 9, to develop the text of 1. The core is 9, the next ancestor will grade to 2 the core is 9. To develop this the core is 9 in the Sun it sits down to sing a song and to develop the next technology, the grid is? The sound of one will learn how to develop the next old one and to sure about things. In the development of ancestors the core of 9 will tell you how to sing as in time it will learn the way in.

The cold mine Thanh is the 3rd development, as in a matter of time when it does that it will or-ray the next performance as in time will it sing it will learn, the old one is? The core of list is to be strong heart and to cold the mine, as brought the old symbol of strong heart is like this;

  • 1. The cold mine
  • 2. The strong heart
  • 3. The soul
  • 4. The sound
  • 5. The singing
  • 6. The as bought
  • 7. The pass
  • 8. The sound

The work of one is the 3rd development for the sound card and to sing along, the Sun will shine through in Winter & Spring the cold one is? The sound card of pp1 is the 3rd development for Thanh, as in a matter of time it will learn how to sing the cold one is around the clock and….. The cold one is to know how to sing a song and in time the core is 9. The next development for the SEED is S.E.R.P for Google independency and around the clock to have one. The cold one is the 3rd development to know that the core is 9 and in this way it learns to sing.

Alan Loi

By Alan Loi

Sole trader, self employed and self taught from the year 1994-till now days . Digital Artist.

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