The form of ink will say to a piece of paper it’s worming and in this day it con-feel itself into a door, this has been gaveling to a form and in rotation of a form it will position itself into a hate door. The of in is the way to know the door even so if there is one the nine r3lymn is founding itself into half a piece and in time it will win. The controller of the ancestors has been born, but if it makes it then it will sing. The core of work will do the best regards in relations to the form and in this way it worm’s.

The work of hard copy will steal a piece of meat to have and eat but in time it will run away in this solution of a form it will position itself into half a door as it’s open, the door time will tell you a story of the ancestors to have but in day ten the me of you is within you. The form of network one is decided to do so but when this happens they will lose a game. The transmission of the element will send the piece of paper through and the Sun will burn it.

The door to heaven is 89 and 62 and 51 and so if the core is cold then they will be mine. In this Sun the born to do it is having a stock market to share but in time when they do this the stock will steal the minimal amount of rocks and to steal a piece of paper. In time when they do this the core of working together is one. The amount of five, two, six, is the transmission of the element for the Sun in time when they do this the core will be cold.

What is the last message of the compound to know that the door is eleven, four, three? The Sun will sit down and sing, but in time the amount of door’s has been born to give the stocks and in time when they do this the core will reject the feelings but in a matter of time they will win.

Alan Loi

By Alan Loi

Sole trader, self employed and self taught from the year 1994-till now days . Digital Artist.

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